Town and Rose Fields Tour


Cycling Distance – 15 kms.      Duration – 3 – 4  hrs (cycling duration depends on the pace we ride on)

Start point – Gulab Niwas             End Point – Gulab Niwas

Major points covered –Rural Areas around Pushkar/ old town/ Market/ Rose fields.

We start cycling from Gulab Niwas which is just on the Parikrama marg and we continue onto it and enter the old town, the town is just waking up so you will get to see people opening their shops and the cleaners cleaning the streets, we can even stop to see a morning aarti at a ghat if our timing is right. Pushkar is an entirely different place at this hour with almost no one on the streets, we cross the entire town through the narrow bylanes and leave for the nearby Rose fields.

This is the most unique tour we have and is conducted every morning from Gulab Niwas, it is unique because it is the only tour which covers both the country side and the town of Pushkar.  So now we are in an area which are is frequented by tourists, we pass through some beautiful Rose fields, and into the country side of Pushkar. Here too we will be riding along narrow lanes with beautiful Rose gardens on both sides, with the sun just coming up, these fields look magical, Pushkar has a lot of flower farms because of the daily consumption of flowers as it’s a huge religious town for Hindu’s. We will make a big loop around Pushkar and return back to Gulab Niwas, to have breakfast at the Desert Rose café, where the tour ends too.

Tour includes:
1. A GIANT bicycle
2. A lets trip cyclist accompanies on a bicycle.
3. Back up vehicle.
4. Packaged Drinking water.
5. Breakfast.
We go at a very slow pace taking ample stops and you will have the command of stopping anywhere you want for pictures or water breaks or to learn more about India.

Minimum Requirement – 2 pax



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