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Cycling Distance – 20 kms.      Duration – 2 to 3 hrs (cycling duration depends on the pace we ride on)

Start point – narayan Singh Circle              End Point – Amer Fort.

Major points covered –Old town of Jaipur/ Hawa Mahal/ Jal Mahal/ Amer Fort.


We start cycling from Narayan Singh cirle, inside Jaipur very early in the morning, when the city is at the lowest level of traffic, w will pass through the old city and the markets, and you get to see the city waking up, it’s a beautiful sight and smell when an Indian old town wakes up, there is so much happening around you but all at a slow pace, we ride past the Albert  hall and inside the through the old city of Jaipur, we will take a pit stop at Hawa Mahal to get some good pictures, Hawa Mahal is a palace in Jaipur, India, so named because it was essentially a high screen wall built so the women of the royal household could observe street festivals while unseen from the outside, and then we continue riding towards Amer, our next stop will be  Jal Mahal (meaning “Water Palace”) is a palace located in the middle of the Man Sagar Lake.

This is an ideal stop to watch and photograph the sunrise, just when the sun comes up it showers a beautiful color on the Jal Mahal, we will meet a little uphill after that which is very doable and we will encounter our destination, The Amer Fort. We pass through Maota lake and go inside the village of Amer, and go behind the fort to a Sagar, where we will have packed breakfast, it is a small lake just behind Amer fort, rarely frequented by tourists, after breakfast the tour ends here and you can continue your sightseeing of the Amer fort, or drive back to the city.

Tour Inclusions:

  1. A GIANT MTB for all guests with helmets.
  2. A cyclist will accompany on a bicycle.
  3. A backup vehicle follows the tour.
  4. Packaged Drinking Water.
  5. Packed Breakfast at Amer.


We go at a very slow pace taking ample stops and you will have the command of stopping anywhere you want for pictures or water breaks or to learn more about India.


Minimum requirement is 2 pax.


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