Spiritual Cycle : Indus valley, Monastries.

This is a day trip, and the objective of this voyage is to visit the various monastries that falls at an attainable distance of LEH town, specially towards the eastern side of the region, starting from the village of Shey, a picnic style lunch will be served in the midst of the visit. Here a fresh insight of the religious culture in Ladakh is focussed upon, and the impacting factor of the various monesteries on the residing villages is also highlighted. The oute on this trip pratically falls on the LEH-Manali highway, but avoiding it as much as we can is the ultimate goal. This trip spreads on the upper Indus, flowing lateral on right and diverting on the otherside towarda the village of Stakna.


The tour Includes:

  • A GIANT Bicycle
  • 20 to 30 kms of cycling
  • Packed lunch
  • A Lets Trip cyclist accompanies
  • A backup vehicle

Unique Features :

Free pickup/drop back to/from hotel.

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