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Cycling Distance – 20 kms.      Duration – 2 to 3 hrs (cycling duration depends on the pace we ride on)

Start point – Ghat-ki-Guni              End Point – Naila Village

Major points covered –Rural Areas around Jaipur/ traditional brick factories/ village of Naila/ old Saree workshop inside a heritage bunglow.


At Lets Trip Cycle Tours we accommodate your needs, your wants, and your longing of the perfect local cycling experience. It is an activity designed for people looking for adventure around the historic PINK CITY of Jaipur.

We start this cycling tour from “Ghat Ki Guni” which is a narrow alley between the Aravali range dotting East side of Jaipur city. It provides access to the areas situated in East of Jaipur & beyond. It is also the starting point of the road that leads to Agra, hence called Agra Road and is approx. 10 kms just outside Jaipur.

The bicycles will be waiting along with a Safety Vehicle at “Ghat ki Guni”.

We start cycling towards “Naila” village crossing the country side along the dry river bed and the traditional brick making factories where the local villagers make bricks out of clay and is the most traditional way to make bricks.

“Naila” Village is a small replica of Jaipur with similar gate names like Chand Pol and Suraj Pol, a Chandra Mahal like in the Jaipur City Palace and also broad streets with squares. The village is rich in culture and handicrafts. Naila is well known since President Clinton’s visit on 23 March 2000. He visited the ladies’ co-operative and the Rural Health Centre at Fatehgarh Naila, The magnificent building was constructed in 1875 by Thakur of Naila – Prime Minister of Jaipur state at that time.

After reaching Naila we visit the Saree workshop which is where you get to see the workers creating magic with the traditional art of saree making.

We end the tour with breakfast overlooking the entire Naila Village. We promise to give you an experience that even the locals have not been privy to.


The Tour Includes:

  • 20 – 25 kms bicycle ride of moderate level
  • A Mountain Gear Bicycle ( GIANT )
  • Heritage Tour of Naila
  • Visit to Saree workshop
  • A lets Trip’s cyclist accompanies on a bicycle
  • Buffet Breakfast
  • Packaged Drinking Water, Energy drinks.

 Unique Features:

  • A ‘SAFETY VEHICLE’ follows the group on the entire track which happens only at LETS TRIP.
  • ‘LETS TRIP’S another unique feature in which we can alter or completely customize your trip, so basically we go where you go.

 Minimum Requirement – 2 Pax

We go at a very slow pace taking ample stops and you will have the command of stopping anywhere you want for pictures or water breaks or to learn more about India.




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