Desert Sunset Tour


Cycling Distance – 15 kms.      Duration – 3 – 4  hrs (cycling duration depends on the pace we ride on)

Start point – Gulab Niwas             End Point – At the Sand Dune

Major points covered –Rural Areas around Pushkar/ Tribal Cattle Grazers/ Thar Desert/ Sand dunes/ Rose fields.

We start cycling from Gulab Niwas which is just on the Parikrama marg and cover the back areas of Pushkar, which are not frequented by tourists, we pass through some beautiful Rose fields, and into the country side of Pushkar, we have desert on both the sides, there is just us on our bikes and the wind blowing past us, we will pass a lot of cattle grazers from the nearby villages, and also some kids who would love to say HI and BYE, so feel free to wave back at them, there are a lot of cattle grazers and camel herders in Pushkar as Pushkar boasts of hosting the biggest cattle fair in the country, and as it’s the desert so camel is their natural ride.

We can stop to take pictures wherever we want, we might find some deer’s and antelopes on the nearby sand dunes. Our destination is a secret sand dune which is ideal to watch the sunset, we have a small picnic setup atop the sand dune which is completely isolated from the rest of the world and you can enjoy your tea and snacks while peacefully enjoying the sunset. We serve high tea on the dune, and you can play your favorite music on our dock as the sun sets. After sunset we drive back to the hotel.

Tour includes:
1. A GIANT bicycle
2. A lets trip cyclist accompanies on a bicycle.
3. Back up vehicle.
4. Packaged Drinking water.
5. High Tea at the dune.
We go at a very slow pace taking ample stops and you will have the command of stopping anywhere you want for pictures or water breaks or to learn more about India.

Minimum Requirement – 2 pax


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